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 2020 Staff Opportunities


The Experiencia y Aventura team is distinguished by its passion for what they do and the quality of service and accompaniment they give to the participants. Our facilitators and staff are capable of turning any experience into a learning experience. To achieve this they constantly prepare themselves for adventure, experiential learning, facilitation, group management, risk management, and first aid, among others.


We are open to the diversity of people and ideas, to change, to learning and to new experiences that make us grow.

We believe that coexistence and sharing with others helps us build meaningful learning experiences and grow as people.

We strive to serve others in the best possible way by offering a quality service in which the safety and integrity of each individual and group is always taken care of.

We build meaningful experiences that challenge participants and provide an environment that encourages reflection and personal growth.

We believe that living passionately brings us closer to self-realization. We are excited about what we do and we seek to share that passion with others.

We have a mission to inspire people of all ages in the constant search for self-realization through adventure-based experiential education programs that generate learning and discovery that lead to prosperity. In order to achieve this mission and reach more participants, we are looking for people who want to prepare themselves as adventure guides and experiential education facilitators to join the Experiencia y Aventura team.


Will be trained as guides for adventure activities in nature and as facilitators of experiential education processes in adventure.

Will receive training in philosophy and methodology of experiential education, facilitation, group management, technical adventure skills, safety and risk management, and knowledge of local and national tours.

Will be able to be part of the Experiencia y Aventura team to facilitate experiential learning processes in nature for the development of skills and the search for self-realization.


– Two discounts of 50% each month for family and friends in local programs.

– Access to all local tours at no cost.

– Discounts on national and international programs


Must be 18 years-old

 Valid voter card
Current driver’s license

Must have enthusiasm for adventure activities in nature and personal growth processes.
Be in good physical condition.

Hacer ejercicio frecuentemente mínimo 2 veces por semana

Correr 5 km en un tiempo de 30 minutos aproximadamente

Have availability for training sessions during the week and departures on weekends.
No previous experience required

No previous experience required


Fill out the application form

Application deadline: june 19, 2020

Interview: june 22 to 26, 2020

Training start: july 7, 2020

Training course


 First session: Saturday, January 26, 2019 – full day.

Training sessions: every 2 Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Fourth Saturday of the month – full day session in the field.

At least one additional tour per month for practice and mentoring (to choose).

Staff Camp: April 26-28, 2019.

Last session: Saturday, July 27, 2019 – full day.


 Courses and training material

Proof before the Secretary of Labor

Career plan by levels and specialties


Cost per person: $3,800 mxn

 NOTE: If you already have experience contact us for the opportunity to revalidate modules.

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