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Jörð - Desarrollo del ser infantil

Boys and girls from 7 to 14 years old.

Del 2 de septiembre al 26 de noviembre 2023.

This program is designed to facilitate the development of the physical, emotional, and spiritual sides of the child in the second seven years of life.

Based on Nordic mythology, through stories, fables, and the magic of Mother Nature, The Jörð Program teaches children to make values flourish in their actions at school, with family, and in society. 

Nature is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit, as vital as water or good bread.

Edward Abbey

Diosa de la Naturaleza (Escandinavia)

Jörð: In Nordic mythology she represents Mother Nature and is the personification of the Earth. She is a giant protector of the world. She makes everything grow in the earth, including flowers, plants, and fruits. When she leaves her sanctuary in the forest, peace and joy reign through the places she passes.


Strengthen the development of social, cognitive, and physical skills, by using all of your senses and enjoying the exciting visual, auditory, and sensory effects that nature offers.


This program is inspired by the Waldorf initiative and the methodology of experiential education. Based on cooperative and individualized learning, children and young people become the active subject of their own learning. 

This training system facilitates the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, helping to reinforce values through a holistic analysis of experiences, perception, cognition, and behavior, allowing the construction of meaningful learning.

Niños en le bosque

Waldorf pedagogy seeks to educate the globality of the child, balancing all his abilities, his potentialities, and his will, respecting his evolutionary stages.

Kolb model


Because it’s open spaces allow for coexistence at a healthy distance.

Because it allows you to disconnect from technology and the accelerated pace of urban life.

Because it highlights the real behaviors of the individual and accelerates the learning curve. As a result new behavioral options are found, that are more effective and productive.

Because it offers the mind new and renewing actions applicable to different fields.


Group: boys and girls from 7 to 14 years old.
Activity: Hiking, camping, arts and crafts.

Hiking: Physical activity that consists of making trips along natural routes, and along roads and trails, that serve as a connection between two places or to visit points of interest. Hiking is part adventure sport,

Camping: Placing a tent either portable or improvised, in order to spend one or more nights enjoying nature, or as part of a tour or excursion.

Total duration: 10 sessions

Start:  Sábado  18 de febrero

Ends:  Domingo 07 de mayo

Difficulty: Easy

Easy: Accessible to all people in good health.



Through walks in the forest and games, we encourage the importance of integrating physical activity into our daily activities in order to maintain good health.  


In a fun way the child will learn to identify the risks to which he could be exposed in open spaces and develop skills that help him interact safely.


Disconnected from technology and facing some individual and other group challenges, the child will work on his self-knowledge and social skills when collaborating with other children.


Experiential education is an ideal means for the development of values such as: respect, collaboration, openness to diversity, service, resilience, among others


Development of imagination, creativity and motor skills through arts and crafts projects with natural materials. 


Through stories and fables and direct contact with nature, the dialogue will raise awareness about how we impact our environment and teach the practices of Leave No Trace.   


Sábado 2 de septiembre 2023

Lugar: Cueva cerro de las Mitras

Actividad: Caminata

Punto de reunión: entrada a el cerro las Mitras por la calle Verona al lado del colegio Kilimanjaro.

sábado 09 de septiembre 2023

Lugar: Chipinque

Actividad: Caminata

Punto de reunión: Entrada parque ecológico Chipinque.


Sábado 16 de septiembre 2023

Lugar: Cerro de las Mitras.

Actividad: Caminata

Punto de reunión: Estacionamiento HEB puerta de Hierro.


sábado 30 de septiembre 2023

Lugar: Parque La Huasteca.

Actividad: Rapel

Meeting point: Parking of La Huasteca Park



Sábado 7 de octubre 2023

Lugar: Cerro de la Mota

Actividad: Caminata y rapel

Meeting point:

Sábado 14 de octubre 2023

Lugar: Cañon de Guitarritas

Actividad: Caminata

Punto de reunión: Entrada estacionamiento del parque la Huasteca.

Sábado 21 de octubre 2023

Lugar: Parque la Huasteca, Zona de escalada la extremita

Actividad: Escalada

Meeting point: Parking of La Huasteca Park

Sábado 04 de noviembre 2023

Lugar: Cerro de la Silla

Actividad: Caminata

Meeting point:

Sábado 11 de noviembre 2023

Lugar: Cueva de la Virgen

Actividad: Caminata

Meeting point: Parking of La Huasteca Park

Sábado 25 y domingo 26 de noviembre 2023


Actividad: Caminata, camping, dinámicas de grupo.

Punto de reunión: Pendiente por definir


  • Mountain boots or tennis shoes.

  • Sports pants or sports shorts.
  • Sports shirt.
  • Jacket, sweatshirt and/or windbreaker.
  • Hat, cap or buff.
  • Extra full change of clothes.
  • Botiquín personal de primeros auxilios.
  • Backpack for hiking.
  • Sunscreen minimum factor 30 or 45.
  • Head lamp light.
  • Personal cleaning items.
  • Thermos or water can.
  • Snacks and/or fruit.


  • Chapstik for lips.
  • Wet wipes.
  • Plastic bag.
  • Pair of gloves for the cold.



  • Denim clothing.
  • Tennis shoes with lights.
  • Tennis shoes with wheels.
  • Toys.e
  • Telephones.
  • Video games


About the program:

Can adults accompany minors?

No, adults cannot accompany minors. The program is designed with activities specifically for children between 7 and 14 years old.

Do you need to know how to swim?

It is not necessary to know how to swim. Some activities are going to be carried out near a river or pond with a low volume of water, but in the activities it does NOT mean getting in, diving, or knowing how to swim. 

About communication:

Will there be communication with the participants?

Yes. We have a satellite phone that will be available throughout the program. This number is exclusively for emergencies.

Will parents or guardians have access to the emergency number?

NO. Family members or guardians will be provided with the number of a logistics manager who will be in Monterrey, and this person will be reporting any event in both directions.

Note: We refer to it as an emergency case when the relative or guardian requires the minor to leave the program for personal matters.

About the staff:

How many staff will there be in the camp?

For safety standards there will always be at least 2 facilitators, and one facilitator is contemplated for every 5 children.


 What credentials or training does staff have?

All our staff are of legal age and trained in different aspects.

We invite you to learn more about them:

Javier Flores 

Marcela Renteria

Cristina Bañuelas

Participant equipment:

What size should the backpack be for walking?

15 to 30 liters (that is, with storage capacity for 2 liters of water, 1 snack, 1 lamp, 1 pair of gloves, 1 hat and a jacket)

How many changes of clothes should you bring?

1 complete change of clothes.

Can you bring toys?

No, the program is designed to have a coexistence with nature and integration with other participants through games and activities. It is not necessary to carry toys.

About the area:

Do you have facilities where the program is developed?

NO. The programs are carried out in public natural parks.


What are the climatic conditions of the place?

Each program is carried out in different places, and the weather conditions vary. Remember to take into account that in the mountain the climate is cooler. The temperature can range between 50F in the morning and 95F in the day in the sun.

From the camp:

The camp is designed for family members, parents, or guardians, to attend the camp and have a family coexistence.

Can the minor go alone?


Is the cost of the camp companion(s) included?

No, El costo es de $700 por persona. Es necesario confirmar al menos una semana antes de la fecha del campamento.

How many companions can attend the camp?

There is no limit. It is recommended that they be only the immediate family members (father, mother and siblings). It is necessary to confirm at least one week before the date of the camp.

Is it mandatory to have a sleeping bag?

Yes. In case you do not have one, you can request one for an extra $200 pesos per person.


Costo programa completo:

$5,000 pesos por persona

15% de descuento al pagar el programa completo.

10% de descuento a hermano/a.

  • Facilitators and support staff.
  • Materials for artistic activities.
Does not include:
  • Accident insurance.
  • Clothing and equipment, annexed list.
  • Food.
  • Transportation to the meeting point.
  • Permits and fees.




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